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Total Wealth Partners - Results


What is the ultimate cost of an investment? The risk taken plus transaction costs, fees, and other costs. Returns should not be considered independent of the risk taken to achieve them, as risk tends to be a salient differentiator between investment processes. Similarly, an outcome should not be considered independent of how it was accomplished or how reliably it can be explained. As a result, the greatest cost that investors bear is the risk they are exposed to over time. It is also noteworthy that risk happens to be what is most often overlooked or categorically misunderstood by investors. Strategies deployed beyond the bounds of a risk-first framework tend to parallel relationships begun without an alignment of interests; they tend to be “inefficient”-they are costly and tend to result in wasted time and/or money. A solid risk-first framework can deliver a more consistent return stream over time that affords a higher degree of confidence in times of uncertainty and immense financial flexibility. At TWP, our focus is achieving the best possible outcome for our investors and we believe that begins with an alignment of interests and a risk-first framework.  

Total Wealth Partners - Integration


Total Wealth Partners presents fully integrated portfolio and financial solutions for individual and institutional investors. TWP offers asset management, lending/ liquidity solutions, and comprehensive financial planning/ modeling for individuals, businesses, and institutions. We believe that the synergies derived from the integration of these three components dramatically improve the probability of future outcomes for our clients. The result is efficiency.   

Total Wealth Partners - Strategy


Each TWP strategy is hewn by the needs of the client. The Total Wealth investment process blends elements of top down and bottom up fundamental analysis with momentum/ technical analysis to deliver stable long-term growth and income for clients. The purpose is simple: to generate compelling near-term results on a relative basis, while providing meaningful long-term benefits to the client.