Portfolio Managers

Will Klinke, CFA

Will is a native Houstonian and principal at Total Wealth Partners. He is a CFA charterholder and member of the CFA Institute. Mr. Klinke also belongs to the CFA Society of Houston. Prior to joining Total Wealth Partners, Will worked for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, where he managed client portfolios and delivered customized asset-liability solutions. His extensive work with a vast of array of clients with unique circumstances became the cornerstone of what is now the TWP investment process and Total Wealth asset-liability management model.  Mr. Klinke holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi, where he graduated from the Patterson School of Accountancy with honors. Will and his wife, Justine, reside in Houston, TX with their three children, Collier, Palmer, and Fulton.

Joe Teagarden

Joe is a native of Memphis, TN and principal at Total Wealth Partners. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where he earned degrees in Economics and English. Mr. Teagarden formerly worked at the Chicago Board of Trade as well as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Joe spent nearly twenty-five years at the Chicago Board of Trade and as an independent trader/ advisor. He met his wife, Anna, in Austin, TX and moved to Houston in 1999. The Teagardens have been active in Houston for nearly two decades, committing significant time and resources to many charities and institutions. Their love for their community is only eclipsed by their love of family and twin daughters, Kate and Leah.